Who We Are

We are a parent run organization established to provide additional money for sports related activities at Hollis Brookline High School. The club is a 501C3 registered non-profit.

What We Do

Some of the things we are able to accomplish through the donations and fund-raising activities are:

  • Sports Awards Night – Three times a year we host and fund the sports award night for all athletes and their parents

  • Championship Gifts – In the past year, we have donated to the following gifts:
    • Girls Volleyball D1 Championship Jackets
    • The Boys Lacrosse Team Championship Rings
    • The Boys Wrestling Team Championship Jackets
    • The Bowling Team Championship Jackets

  • Team Donations – We also support our teams including donations to:
    • Lacrosse/Field Hockey Field Signs
    • 2 Mobile Outdoor P.A. Units
    • 2 HBHS Pop-Up Tents
    • 2 Tents for Lacrosse Team
    • Cross Country Tent
    • HB Cavaliers Hillside Logo in Stone
    • The Baseball Team Indoor Batting Net
    • The Weight Room Refurbishment
    • Hockey Club Away Jerseys
    • Cheer Squad Uniforms

  • Team Fundraisers and Team Club Support – The HBHS ABC provides a framework for individual teams to build their own fundraising activities. We provide accounting support, payment gateways, online registration websites and financial reporting. Team parents have everything they need to “take the ball and run with it” with the support of the ABC.

How We Do It

The majority of funding for the Booster Club comes from fund-raising activities run by our members. In the past year we have done several major activities and numerous smaller ones like concession stands and senior graduation balloon sales to benefit our athletes.

The ABC's General Fund is supported by two primary and several other fundraising activities:

  • We now host the Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Nashua Ski Swap
  • Our traditional annual fundraiser is our Golf Outing held in May
  • Graduation Balloons
  • Spirit Wear Sales

All of these are made possible by our volunteers who generously donate time, knowledge, effort and money to make these things possible. If you are interested in being a part of these activities, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via e-mail or come to our monthly meeting (see calendar).

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